Arnold McCuller






Witness is Arnold's 5 song EP recorded in 2017 that covers a range of emotions from the percussion driven title track to the blues stomping "Hard Times" to cocktail lounge ballads on "Simple Equation".

Witness was produced by Arnold's longtime collaborator Matt Cusson, who also co-wrote two of the songs ("Simple Equation", "It Is What It Is") as well as programming, keys, percussion and backing vocals for most of the album.

Lending a hand are Arnold's bandmates from James Taylor and Phil Collins: Michael Landau (guitar), Jimmy Johnson (bass), and Luis Conte (percussion). Witness also features Andrew Edmonds (drums), Viktor Krauss, Ramon Yslas, and Jon Gilutin.

Back @ The Baked Potato Live 2015


A double CD, recorded live in December of 2015 at LA's renowned Baked Potato features classic performances by Arnold and his band on their home turf. For new listeners, the material is great starting place, offering a smorgasboard of many of Arno's vocal gifts and styles ranging from gospel to jazz to R & B, Latin and Blues. Along with Abdul Hamid Robinson Royal on keyboards, Jerry Watts on bass, Josh Smith on guitar, and Mike Shapiro on drums, Arnold stretches out , with some brilliant solos by the band members and special guest appearances by singers Val Pinkston and Lamont Van Hook..For experienced McCullerites there are new twists delivered with the warmth, finesse and humor that Arnold brings to any show as well as some wonderful surprises that only live music can deliver.

Play Save Your Love For Me - Let's Go Back Play Forever, For Always, For Love
Play Slow Burning Love Play When Love Comes To Town - Love Wins
Play Comfortable Play The Whale Has Swallowed Me
Play Gasoline and Matches Play Washing of the Water - Daddy's All Gone - Chance - Love Will Prevail
Play Guru NU - Walk With Me Play Gods and Monsters

Soon As I Get Paid


Arnold’s new 2011 project, a Blues album called Soon As I Get Paid is set for an April 19 release along with live performances of the effort being planned nationwide. Soon As I Get Paid was made possible by the selfless financial help of his fans and friends through a special campaign through the social media website Pledge Music. Fellow musicians such as Lyle Lovett even contributed generous financial donations to the production, making this a collaborative effort that has resulted in what is sure to be one of the most important Blues albums of the decade.

Soon As I Get Paid will be available April 19, 2011 through online retailers (iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc..).

Play Soon As I Get Paid Play All Good
Play Gods And Monsters Play Gasoline And Matches
Play There Is Something On Your Mind Play The River Knows Your Name
Play Lonely Teardrops Play Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
Play The Whale Have Swallowed Me Play Don't Go Nowhere



Sabor is my first project of all original material, every word and melody. It is a Latin-flavoured collection with enough feeling that I hope will inspire people of all musical tastes.

I chose to name this project Sabor because it means “flavour” or “tasty.” Although these songs don't strictly qualify as Latin Jazz, I love the genre and I wanted to pay homage to this beautiful style of music.

I hope Sabor makes you want to move, be inspired, and, most of all, feel the love of self-expression.

Circa 1990


I decided after the statute of limitations had expired I'd put together the Virgin Recordings that was dropped in 1990. John Brown and I had put together this beautiful recording and the record company decided it wasn't black enough! I was dropped and 8 years later still with the masters in my garage decided to put it out. I even had the blessings of some of the former executives.

I included to round it out with a couple of demos that Brad Cole and I had done that didn't make "Back to Front". So here you have the story of "Circa 1990".


Live at the Baked Potato


The Baked Potato, February 15th 2002. This quaint bar is packed with loyal followers sipping drinks and noshing on steaming spuds. Arnold is singing sings tales of love, joy and pain. Relive that memorable night.

Play You Can't Go Back Play Baby King
Play Love is Healing Play First of May
Play When Did You Leave Heaven Play Close to Heaven
Play Song for Silas Play Ought to Know by Now
Play Lazy Nina Play The Goodbye Look
Play Nick Of Time Play Paper Walls
Play I Can't Make You Love Me Play When Your Life Was Low
Play Look UP From Your Life Play Give Me Something Real
Play I Am A Camera Play I Thought About You
Play Ain't That Peculiar Play You Can't Go Back
Play My Funny Valentine Play Emily

Back to Front


The idea for this project came from radio. I was listening to "Hold On My Heart" on the "wave", and thought I'd love to sing that song. I found the melody truly haunting and simple. I then realized in addition to Phil Collins, I've worked and sung on some of radio's favorites. Hence, the idea was born.

The majority of these tracks are therefore songs I sang backing vocals with other singers, and most of them I've gone on to perform live with the original artist. With the exception of "Lazy Nina" a song that's been in my live acts for over 15 years, because I love Donal Fagan, and I've always been a fan of Greg Phillinganes.

The last piece of music, the only original tune, I wrote 22 years ago with my long time friend Jan Alejandro, that never made it to any of my other projects, but probably is my favorite writing effort.

Play Nick Of Time Play Baby King
Play First Of May Play Hot And Sultry Afternoon
Play Hold On My Heart Play Oughta Know By Now
Play Paper Walls Play Look Up From Your Life
Play Lazy Nina Play I Can't Make You Love Me
Play Closing Time

You Can't Go Back


With his gloriously inspired vocals, Arnold McCuller paints plaintive pictures, records full-throttle feelings, and captures heartfelt moments. He interprets many of our familiar emotions, including: the grateful parent Little Rose, the melancholy lover Shooting Star, and the fiercely passionate and pleading lover Chained. Each song provides the singer an opportunity to flex his vocal muscles while maintaining an undeniable connectedness to you and me. Try not to get goosebumps when you listen to Close to Heaven, a deliciously histrionic excursion, or Emily, a heartbreaking testament to enduring friendship.

Refreshingly void of cynicism, McCuller's songs of longing and romance, loss and gain passion and pain, are delivered with a hard earned inderstanding and a seductive mix of grit and grace.

-Michael Kearns (Los Angeles)

Play You Can't Go Back Play Shooting Star
Play Chained Play Close To Heaven
Play Love Is Healing Play Little Rose
Play I Am A Camera Play The Deepest Blue
Play Feels Like Rain Play Goin' All Out Of My Way
Play Emily Play You Can't Go Bac (Reprise)

Exception to the Rule


This recording was recorded by Dana Walden and co produced by Tom Callahan in 1990. It is considered my second release, but the first on my own label What's Good Records.

Tracks feature many fine players and vocalist including, Kate Markowitz, Rita Coolige, Val Pinkston, Justin Walden and Doug Camron to name a few. The engineer was Toby Wright who has gone on to produce many other hit records.

I had sold out but just recently acquired a box from a company that was selling them in the bay area, so order fast. The cover you see is a re-release, that did not include all 14 tracks. But the one I am selling will have all 14 original track. Thanks for your order.

Play Change All Of That Play Somewhere In Chicago
Play Way to Your Heart Play What Kind Of World Is This
Play Lover's Holiday Play Love Carries On
Play Paper Moon Play Love Junkyard
Play Soul Searchin Play Song For Silas
Play Gimme Some Of Your Love Play Chora Brasileira

Soul Searching (Single)


This is the single release of the song "Soul Searching" taken from the album "Exception to The Rule". "Soul Searching" was written in 1991 by Lauren Wood, this recording features Arnold along side the vocals on Bonnie Raitt. This single release features three versions:

  1. The Radio Re-Mix
  2. Instrumental
  3. Album Mix